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1-866-845-TIPS (8477)

No Names....No Faces....No Hassles

"Callers can remain anonymous and are eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $3000 if the information given in the tip leads to an arrest."





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Crime Stoppers provides a telephone number and Web Tips to encourage citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to law enforcement agencies to fight against crime.  If you want to remain anonymous and report a crime tip click on the Web Tips link or call:

1-866-845-TIPS (8477)

First Coast Crime Stoppers has made it even easier for you to report a crime.  Go to  www.P3tips.com or you can download the P3 Tips app in the app store and market place on your phone.  This makes it possible for anyone with a cell phone to immediately report a crime.  At the web address  www.P3tips.com   click the "Submit a New Tip" tab, then select "United States" and "Florida" , then select the appropriate city. Next fill out all the tip information you want to provide. You will be able to attach photo's or videos at the bottom. Then click on "Submit Tip". BE SURE TO SCREEN SHOT or WRITE DOWN YOUR Login Instructions, tip number and password.  You will be able to login on www.P3tips.com at any time to "Update" your tip and to check the status of your tip. You will also be able to dialog directly to the detective/officer assigned your tip. REMEMBER, NEVER put your name, address or phone number into the tip.. You must remain anonymous in order to be eligible for cash rewards!


NOW you can also contact First Coast Crime Stoppers by dialing **TIPS (star star 8477) on your cell phone.

Your TIP ID is very important! This code is how Crime Stoppers will communicate with you and if your tip results in an arrest, information will be sent directly to you via the P3 Tips app. The Tip ID number will be the most important thing to have in order to receive your cash REWARD should your tip result in an arrest. Tipping has never been easier or more confidential. Now you can submit a tip to Crime Stoppers any time. This method of reporting crimes should not be used for in progress crimes. For in progress crimes you should always call 911.

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Note from the Tip Coordinator:

Please remember in order to be considered for a reward you must call our Tips Hotline number of 1-866-845-8477 (TIPS) first. Our Call Center will contact the Dispatcher or 911 operator if the call requires urgent action. (Example- Immediate location of a fugitive or wanted person). Tips that are submitted After July 1st, 2013 will be eligible for the rewards up to $3000.


To check the status of your Tip:

You can check the status of your tip by calling 904-398-3775 every Tuesday or Thursday from 10am-3pm. Give your "Tip Number" to the person answering the phone and they will check the status in the computer. They will tell you if it's pending or closed or if your eligible for a reward. You can also log on to www.P3tips.com and enter your tip number and password (You should have received these from the call center when you originally submitted your tip- or from the p3 app when you submitted your tip there or online). Different types of crimes take longer to solve than others. It's not unusual to wait 4-6 weeks on a particular case. A lot of times the tipster knows of the arrest before we find out from law enforcement.


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